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Medtronic Onyx 34 | Which Medical Device

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Onyx 34

  • Added Oct 11, 2014
  • Manufactured by Medtronic

Onyx liquid embolic system for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms provides complete filling of the aneurysm sac, complete obliteration of the inflow zone, and enhanced durability in the treatment of giant and wide-necked aneurysms.   A DMSO compatible delivery micro catheter that is...

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Cordis Johnson and Johnson Optease Vena Cava Filter | Used in IVC filter | Which Medical Device

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Optease Vena Cava Filter

The Optease filter is a retrievable filter that can be inserted via femoral, jugular or antecubital routes. The filter comes compressed in a plastic tube for insertion, marked for the appropriate insertion route. This nitinol hypotube filter is a modified version of the permanent TrapEase...

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Rex Medical Option Vena Cava Filter | Which Medical Device

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Option Vena Cava Filter

This is a newer design, laser cut from a single piece of nitinol for greater strength.  It has a conical shape with 6 struts and a caudal hook. It is inserted via a 5F system, the smallest on the market. The dual insertion filter is introduced to the femoral or jugular via a 6.5 F delivery...

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Orzone Orcamp | Used in Simulation | Which Medical Device

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  • Added Oct 18, 2010
  • Manufactured by Orzone

A WhichMedicalDevice Edito- in-Chief saw this training environment at CIRSE 2010. It is said to provide a more realistic training environment than the use of a simulator alone. Apparently, it can be linked to both the Simbionix and Mentice simulators. 

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Advanced Bio-Surfaces OrthoGlide | Used in Interposition knee arthroplasty | Which Medical Device

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The OrthoGlide interposition arthroplasty for the knee comprises a dished, disc-shaped cobalt chrome component which is inserted into the medial compartment of the knee in a minimally invasive fashion. The device has a lip which locks over the posterior aspect of the tibial plateau. The...

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