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B. Braun POSITION HTO Plate | Used in High tibial osteotomy | Which Medical Device

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  • Added Jun 4, 2013
  • Manufactured by B. Braun

The POSITION High Tibial Osteotomy Plate from Braun is an anatomic plate with an integral spacer which helps to maintain the osteotomy. Alignment can be achieved using the OrthoPilot Navigation system from Braun.  The surgical technique brochure for the POSITION HTO plate can be found...

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Bard PowerPort | Which Medical Device
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  • Added Dec 19, 2007
  • Manufactured by Bard

The PowerPort * device is the first MRI-safe port which is indicated for power injection. It combines venous access with the ability for power-injected Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography (CECT) scans. Power injected CECT scans produce superior images to help better manage patient care....

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Stryker Precision Oscillating Tip Saw | Which Medical Device

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Precision Oscillating Tip Saw

  • Added Jun 19, 2013
  • Manufactured by Stryker

The System 7 Precision Oscillating Tip Saw from Stryker is a precision device for cutting bone. The cutting oscillating tip is housed in a stiff cartridge. The blade is said to produce less metal wear debris than traditional devices, and is less likely to cut soft tissue.

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Depuy Preservation Unicompartmental Knee System | Which Medical Device

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Preservation Unicompartmental Knee System

  • Added May 1, 2013
  • Manufactured by Depuy

The Preservation Minimally Invasive Mobile Bearing Unicompartmental knee system was designed in 2001 and made available in the United Kingdom from 2002. Following poor results in the National Joint Registry of England and Wales, the device was discontinued throughout Europe in 2009.

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BTG Presice Cryoablation System | Used in Ablation, Cryoablation, Renal tumour ablation | Which Medical Device

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Presice Cryoablation System

  • Added May 30, 2012
  • Manufactured by BTG

The Presice Cryoablation System from Galil Medical is designed for use in cryotherapy ablation procedures for the treatment of kidney and prostate cancers. The Presice Cryoablation System combines planning and simulation software and multiple temperature monitoring probes. The system uses a 17...

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