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LINK Saddle prosthesis | Used in Pelvic resection | Which Medical Device

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Saddle prosthesis

  • Added Feb 22, 2012
  • Manufactured by LINK

The Saddle prosthesis from Link is a device intended for reconstruction of the hip after significant bone loss in the acetabulum or periacetabular tumour resection. The device has two horns: the medial one lies within the pelvis and the lateral one lies outside. The proximal section...

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CareFusion Safe-T-Centesis | Used in Abscess drainage, Ascites drainage | Which Medical Device
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The Safe-T-Centesis drainage system is specifically designed to reduce the risks associated with percutaneous thoracentesis and paracentesis. The silicone coated, pigtail catheter uses a unique self-sealing valve to maintain a closed system.

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Rafael Medical Technologies SafeFlo Vena Cava Filter | Used in IVC filter | Which Medical Device

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SafeFlo Vena Cava Filter

This nitinol filter has a non-tilt spiral shape, designed to be self-centering. It is anchored by an oversized double ring platform rather than by hooks or struts. This requires that the filter be sized to the caval diameter.     'A brief history of inferior vena cava filters and...

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ICU Medical Safeset | Which Medical Device
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Safeset is a closed, needle-free system. The device protects against exposure to bloodborne pathogens and IV line contamination. It also reduces blood waste and therefore may help reduce the risk of iatrogenic anaemia. It is available integrated with the Transpac IV Pressure Monitoring...

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MatOrtho SAIPH Knee System | Used in Knee replacement | Which Medical Device

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SAIPH Knee System

  • Added Oct 4, 2015
  • Manufactured by MatOrtho

The SAIPH knee system is the evolution of the MRK knee. The geometry is very similar to the older and proven MRK system, but the instruments and the device itself are lower profile and updated. 

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