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Smith & Nephew SPIDER2 Limb Positioner | Used in Ankle replacement, Endoprosthetic replacement, Hand arthroplasty, Knee replacement, Total ankle replacement, Wrist replacement | Which Medical Device

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SPIDER2 Limb Positioner

The SPIDER Limb Positioner is an adjustable limb positioning device which can provide measurable traction during procedures on the ankle, elbow, shoulder and knee. The device has a foot pedal which allows for repostioning within the sterile field. The device is manufactured by TENET, a wholly...

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Covidien SpiderFX Embolic Protection Device | Used in Carotid stenting, Embolic Capture Angioplasty, Plaque excision, Vascular stenting | Which Medical Device

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SpiderFX Embolic Protection Device

  • Added Dec 5, 2011
  • Manufactured by Covidien

The SpiderFX is an embolic protection device that can be placed with its low profile deployment catheter through a 6F guide catheter or 5F sheath. The lesion can be crossed with an 0.018 or 0.014 inch wire then the guiding catheter can be placed through the lesion. The filter is inserted in the...

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Balt Extrusion Spirale Coil | Used in Aneurysm coiling, Aneurysm occlusion, Embolisation, Varicocoele embolisation  | Which Medical Device

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Spirale Coil

The long flexible platinum Spirale coil is ideal for arterial and venous embolisation.

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Medinvents Spirotome Biopsy Device | Used in Biopsy, Biopsy breast, Biopsy soft tissue | Which Medical Device
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Spirotome Biopsy Device

The spirotome family represents a range of large core soft tissue biopsy needles and systems based on a very recently developed double rota-cutting technique. A cutting helix is turned onto the diseased area to locate and fix the specimen. Then a cutting cannula is rotated over the helix to...

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Medcomp Split Cath  | Used in Venous access | Which Medical Device

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Split Cath

  • Added Oct 14, 2013
  • Manufactured by Medcomp

Medcomp's  Split Cath is a 'splittable lumen' Long Term Hemodialyis Catheter with two free floating lumens,  improving patency and flow and lower recirculation. The material is alcohol and iodine compatible and is strong, biocompatible and kink resistant. The device is available in a...

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