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Pathway Medical Technologies Pathway PV Atherectomy System | Used in Atherectomy, Plaque excision | Which Medical Device

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Pathway PV Atherectomy System

The Pathway PV Atherectomy System from Pathway Medical Technologies ltd. is a rotational atherectomy system with aspiration capabilities designed for use in the treatment of peripheral artery disease. The Pathway PV System incorporates a 2.1 mm diameter cutting catheter tip attached to a control...

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EV3 Silverhawk Plaque Excision System | Used in Angioplasty, Atherectomy, Plaque excision, Subintimal angioplasty | Which Medical Device

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Silverhawk Plaque Excision System

  • Added Feb 10, 2010
  • Manufactured by EV3

The SilverHawk Plaque Excision Device works by removing the plaque that blocks arteries and interrupts blood flow. The SilverHawk technology uses a tiny rotating blade to shave away and remove plaque from inside the artery, instead of simply compressing it against the vessel wall. It can treat...

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Covidien SpiderFX Embolic Protection Device | Used in Carotid stenting, Embolic Capture Angioplasty, Plaque excision, Vascular stenting | Which Medical Device

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SpiderFX Embolic Protection Device

  • Added Dec 5, 2011
  • Manufactured by Covidien

The SpiderFX is an embolic protection device that can be placed with its low profile deployment catheter through a 6F guide catheter or 5F sheath. The lesion can be crossed with an 0.018 or 0.014 inch wire then the guiding catheter can be placed through the lesion. The filter is inserted in the...

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