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Terumo Glidewire | Used in Angioplasty, Biliary Stenting, Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL), Renal stenting, Subintimal angioplasty, Ureteric stenting | Which Medical Device

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  • Added Jun 11, 2008
  • Manufactured by Terumo

The Terumo Glidewire has a hydrophilic coating for smooth, rapid movement through tortuous vessels and crossability over difficult lesions.

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Terumo Pinnacle Destination Guiding Sheath | Used in Angioplasty, Aortic stenting, Biliary Stenting, Carotid stenting, Coronary stenting, Renal stenting, Ureteric stenting, Vascular stenting | Which Medical Device

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Pinnacle Destination Guiding Sheath

  • Added Feb 21, 2012
  • Manufactured by Terumo

The Pinnacle Destination Guiding Sheath consists of a guiding catheter and an introducer sheath. The variety of different curves allow access across the aortic bifurcation, to the renal arteries and other areas giving good support for selective catheters for stenting and embolisation. Two valve...

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AngioDynamics SOS Omni Selective Catheter | Used in Angioplasty, Embolisation, Pelvic arterial catheterization, Renal stenting | Which Medical Device

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SOS Omni Selective Catheter

The SOS Omni selective catheter features a soft, atraumatic, Super-radiopaque tip intended to reform in the thoracic aorta. The catheter should be pulled from the descending aorta into the abdominal aorta with a floppy Bentson-type guidewire “leading,” sometimes with a...

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