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Kimberley-Clark/I-Flow ON-Q PainBuster | Which Medical Device

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ON-Q PainBuster

The ON-Q PainBuster pump is a device for delivering local anaesthetic to the surgical site after surgery. The catheter (the ON-Q SilverSoaker Antimicrobial Catheter) has multiple holes along the infusion segment, and the elastomeric pump is non-electronic. The device has been used in a variety...

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Vidacare OnControl Bone Access System | Used in Bone biopsy | Which Medical Device

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OnControl Bone Access System

  • Added Apr 26, 2012
  • Manufactured by Vidacare

The OnControl Bone Access System from Vidacare is a device for bone marrow aspiration or bone biopsy. The battery powered driver is disposable but is said to last more than one hundred uses. The use of a powered driver is likely to allow more control than traditional manual access techniques....

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Merit Medical Systems, Inc One-Step Centesis Catheter | Which Medical Device

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One-Step Centesis Catheter

The One-Step Centesis Catheter from Merit Medical is a sheathed needle device for drainage of body cavities. It has a luer lock or slip fit connection, four large holes for drainage, a smooth tapered tip, an echo-enhanced needle tip and a clear hub for flashback indication. It is available in 4F...

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Covidien OneShot Renal Denervation System | Used in Renal denervation | Which Medical Device
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OneShot Renal Denervation System

  • Added May 30, 2012
  • Manufactured by Covidien

According to Covidien, the OneShot system is designed to treat patients with hypertension who are nonresponsive to traditional medical therapy. The system features an irrigated, radiofrequency-based balloon catheter used for targeted ablation of sympathetic nerves located within the adventitia...

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Medtronic Onyx 18 | Used in AV fistula occlusion, AV malformation occlusion, Embolisation, Vascular occlusion | Which Medical Device
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Onyx 18

  • Added Nov 1, 2009
  • Manufactured by Medtronic

Onyx is a non adhesive liquid embolic agent. It is made of EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) copolymer and DMSO ( dimethyl sulphoxid) in which it is dissolved. This is suspended in tantalum powder to make it radio opaque. This is why it must be placed on a mixer prior to use to enable good mixing...

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