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Small Bone Innovations STAR Ankle | Used in Total ankle replacement | Which Medical Device

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STAR Ankle

The Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement (STAR) is a mobile bearing ankle replacement in which the tibial and talar components are manufactured from cobalt chrome with a titanium plasma spray coating. The tibial component is flat on the articulating surface and has two cylindrical...

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DFine STAR Tumour Ablation System | Used in Ablation, Liver ablation, Renal RF ablation, Renal tumour ablation, RF Ablation, Tumour ablation | Which Medical Device

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STAR Tumour Ablation System

  • Added Nov 19, 2015
  • Manufactured by DFine

The STAR™ Tumor Ablation System is indicated for palliative treatment in spinal procedures by ablation of metastatic malignant lesions in a vertebral body. Targeted therapy for fast, local control The SpineSTAR Ablation Instrument is uniquely designed specifically for use in the complex...

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Abbott Vascular StarClose SE Vascular Closure System | Used in Access closure, Vascular closure | Which Medical Device
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StarClose SE Vascular Closure System

The StarClose Extravascular Closure System features an innovative Nitinol clip that is designed to promote the primary healing process to achieve a secure close of femoral artery access sites following diagnostic or interventional vascular procedures. The system works by placing an...

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Merit Medical Systems, Inc StayFIX(R) fixation device | Which Medical Device

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StayFIX(R) fixation device

The StayFIX ®fixation device is a sterile adhesive fastener that secures percutaneous nonvascular catheters or tubes to help minimise movement or accidental removal.  Image provided by Merit Medical, Reprinted by Permission.

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Optimed Steerable ureteric stent | Used in Ureteric stenting | Which Medical Device
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Steerable ureteric stent

  • Added Oct 10, 2007
  • Manufactured by Optimed

OptiPur Ureteral Stents are made from a specially developed radiopaque soft-polyurethane. According to the manufacturer, they offer a high degree of ring stability, excellent pushability, biocompatibility as well as a low tendency to incrustation.  

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