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Cook Medical Trocar EchoTip Needle | Used in Nephrostomy, Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) | Which Medical Device

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Trocar EchoTip Needle

An 18g trocal needle with 'non cutting' tip. The final few millimeters have a textured surface to aid ultrasound visibility. Do you have experience with the Trocar EchoTip Needle? Tell us what you think.

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CR Enterprises Troop Elevation Pillow | Used in Endotracheal intubation | Which Medical Device

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Troop Elevation Pillow

The Troop Elevation Pillow is designed to improve airway positioning in obese patients. 

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Boston Scientific TruePath CTO Device | Which Medical Device

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TruePath CTO Device

Truepath is a device for crossing CTOs. This is a small 0.018” wire with a diamond coated tip that rotates at 13,000 rpm to allow you to drill through heavily calcified lesions. There are audible alerts to tell you when it has started drilling and when it has encountered excessive...

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Depuy TruMatch Personalized Solutions | Used in Knee replacement | Which Medical Device

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TruMatch Personalized Solutions

  • Added May 31, 2011
  • Manufactured by Depuy

The TruMatch™ Personalised Solution knee replacement system is Depuy’s customised jig for Sigma primary knee replacements . As with other customised jig systems, preoperative CT data are used to plan the final position of the implant. The CT data are sent to Depuy, and a...

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Terumo Tsunami Peripheral Balloon-expandable Stent | Used in Angioplasty, Subintimal angioplasty, Vascular stenting | Which Medical Device

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Tsunami Peripheral Balloon-expandable Stent

  • Added Feb 2, 2012
  • Manufactured by Terumo

The Tsunami Peripheral device consists of a balloon-expandable stent pre-mounted on a balloon at the distal tip of a rapid exchange type delivery catheter. This product is designed for use in the treatment of stenotic lesions to improve the blood flow.

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