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Covidien BIS Complete 2-Channel Monitor | Which Medical Device
4 Stars
4 Stars

BIS Complete 2-Channel Monitor

  • Added Oct 17, 2012
  • Manufactured by Covidien

According to the manufacturer, the BIS Complete 2-Channel Monitor uses state-of-the-art technology to process EEG information. The device provides a direct measure of the patient’s level of consciousness thereby giving insight regarding the direct and patient-specific effects of...

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Macromed Bishop microcatheter | Which Medical Device

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Bishop microcatheter

  • Added Jan 10, 2019
  • Manufactured by Macromed

 Bishop microcatheter The structure ensures sufficient flow rate and delivery of Microspheres smoothly Special tapered (pencil shaped) tip improves selectability Ten different stiffnesses from shaft to tip improving trackablility Kink resitance and three different shaped tips so no...

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Orbus Neich Blazer Cobalt Chromium Stent | Which Medical Device

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Blazer Cobalt Chromium Stent

According to he manufacturer, the Blazer Cobalt Chromium stent cells can be expanded to up to 4.5 mm in diameter, to enable side branch access for effective bifurcation stenting and for maintaining patency of side branches. They say that the device is made from the L605 cobalt chromium...

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Abbott Vascular BMW UNIVERSAL Guide Wire | Which Medical Device

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4.5 Stars


A Hi-Torque Balance Middleweight Universal Guide Wire which is a front-line guide wire. It offers a unique balance of support and flexibility with enhancements in the areas of device compatibility, distal access, deliverability in tortuous anatomy and tip durability.

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Waismed Bone Injection Gun | Used in Vascular access | Which Medical Device

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3.5 Stars

Bone Injection Gun

  • Added Jun 6, 2013
  • Manufactured by Waismed

The Bone Injection Gun is an automatic intraosseous infusion device for urgent care when vascular access is difficult. There are adult, paediatric and even veterinary versions. 

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