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Platform-14  Coronary Drug Eluting Balloon | Used in Angioplasty | Which Medical Device

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Coronary Drug Eluting Balloon

In the last 18 months Paclitaxel coating technology has advanced. Platform 14 use smaller drug crystals for a higher drug uptake and SV (sustained value) meaning the drug being active in the vessel wall for over a month. The comapany claims that no one has a more effective drug...

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Asahi Intecc Corsair Micro Catheter | Which Medical Device

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Corsair Micro Catheter

According to the manufacturer, the Corsair is a hybrid catheter designed for crossing tortuous microchannels and easing the approach to complex lesions.  We have found it useful due to its tapered tip which helps to cross CTOs.

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MEDRAD Cotavance Catheter | Used in Angioplasty, Fistuloplasty | Which Medical Device

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Cotavance Catheter

  • Added Feb 20, 2012
  • Manufactured by MEDRAD

The Cotavance paclitaxel coated balloon angioplasty catheter provides a paclitaxel coating process for controlled drug dosing. Paccocath technology is a proprietary drug matrix applied to the balloon of the angioplasty catheter consisting of paclitaxel and Ultravist 370, a radiologic...

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Micrus Endovascular Courier ENZO microcatheter | Used in Aneurysm coiling, AV fistula occlusion, AV malformation occlusion, Embolisation | Which Medical Device
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Courier ENZO microcatheter

The EBZO is a neurovascular microcatheter.   Apparently, a deflectable tip allows in vivo control of the tip shape via the device's hub. The tip can be deflected up to 90 degrees (from straight) in opposing directions. According to the manufacturer, this permits a greater level of...

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NuMED CP Stent | Which Medical Device

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CP Stent

  This product is distributed in the UK by  BVM Medical  for world wide distributors please consult the manufacturer. Stent Characteristics The CP Stent is composed of 0.013″ platinum / iridium wire that is arranged in a “zig” pattern, laser welded at...

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