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Merit Medical Systems, Inc EN Snare foreign body retrieval device | Used in Foreign body retrieval | Which Medical Device

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EN Snare foreign body retrieval device

The EN Snare is designed with three loops to increase the probability of foreign body capture. These loops are preformed and self-sizing for excellent vessel coverage. The EN Snare is designed to expand to the vessel wall size for retrieval of hard to get side-walled objects.   Do you...

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Boston Scientific Encore 26 Inflator | Used in Angioplasty | Which Medical Device
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Encore 26 Inflator

High pressure inflation device designed to exert pressure for balloon inflation and deflation. The Encore Inflation Device assists in controlled single step balloon inflation 20cc Inflation capability, complete with pressure gauge Large printed pressure gauge dial with finger latch mechanism...

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Medtronic Endeavor Resolute Stent | Which Medical Device

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Endeavor Resolute Stent

  • Added Aug 1, 2010
  • Manufactured by Medtronic

Endeavor Resolute uses a proprietary new biocompatible polymer called BioLinx™. The BioLinx polymer is designed to confer the same biocompatibility as the Endeavor stent’s phosphorylcholine (PC) polymer while extending the duration of drug exposure in the vessel. Developed by...

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Waldemar Link Endo Model Sled Prosthesis | Used in Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty | Which Medical Device

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Endo Model Sled Prosthesis

With minor bone destruction and a largely intact ligament structure in the knee, the implantation of a unicondylar knee prosthesis can be advantageous. Long-term results over three decades prove the very successful implementation of the LINK Endo-Model Sled Knee Joint Prosthesis, offering...

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LINK Endo-Model Arthrodesis Nail SK | Used in Knee fusion | Which Medical Device

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Endo-Model Arthrodesis Nail SK

  • Added Apr 28, 2013
  • Manufactured by LINK

The Endo-Model knee arthrodesis nail is a modular fusion nail. The device is available in either CoCrMo or Tilastan (titanium). The latter is uncemented, but the CoCrMo version is cemented. There are right and left versions. The device is distributed by Newsplint in the UK.

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