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Stryker MDM X3 | Used in Proximal femoral resection, Revision hip replacement, Total hip replacement | Which Medical Device

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  • Added Jan 11, 2015
  • Manufactured by Stryker

The Modular Dual Mobility acetabulum from Stryker (MDM) complements the ADM system, but is based on the Trident or Tritanium uncemented acetabular shells. The polyethylene component is manufactured from X3 polyethylene . The femoral head is either 22.2mm for smaller size shells, or 28mm. A CoCr...

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MatOrtho Medial Rotation Knee  | Used in Knee replacement | Which Medical Device

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Medial Rotation Knee

  • Added Apr 30, 2012
  • Manufactured by MatOrtho

The Medial Rotation Knee differs from other contemporary knee designs by having a geometry which includes a spherical medical tibial condyle and a more cylindrical lateral femoral condyle.  The spherical medial condyle allows rotation in flexion, whilst the smaller cylindrical lateral...

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EMG Technologies Mediracer NCS | Which Medical Device

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Mediracer NCS

Mediracer NCS is designed for diagnosing sensoric nerve entrapments in an outpatient settings. The device tests for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome related median nerve entrapment; disposable surface electrodes determine whether the finding is abnormal and grade its severity.  Updated 22nd...

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LINK Megasystem-C Endoprosthetic Replacement System | Used in Proximal femoral resection | Which Medical Device

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Megasystem-C Endoprosthetic Replacement System

  • Added Aug 21, 2013
  • Manufactured by LINK

The Megasystem-C from Link is a modular endoprosthetic system for the replacement of large bone segments in the proximal or distal femur or proximal tibia. Both cemented and uncemented options are available and the system integrates with the Endo-model and Endo-model SL knee systems. 

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Pnn Medical  Memokath 051 Ureter | Used in Ureteric stenting | Which Medical Device

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Memokath 051 Ureter

The Memokath 051 Ureter stent is designed for use in treatment for malignant or benign ureteric strictures.  According to the manufacturer, the stent is easy and simple to insert and remove, and, since it is not prone to encrustation or tissue in-growth, stent does not need to be...

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