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Radiseal Radial Compression Device Features – Transparent device for enhanced visibility of puncture site – Three different sizes are available to ensure optimal and precise fit for...

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 DuraSheath DuraSheath is a new developed, percutaneous kink-free guiding sheath that combines a variable stiffness shaft and state of the art processing to provide an effective solution...

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 REBOA Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta The world’s first approved kit for: PPH Postpartum bleeding – PPH Trauma in the abdomen or...

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Conquest 40

This high pressure balloon from Bard is rated at between 30 and 40 atm, 30 for the largest balloons. It is available from 4-12mm and up to 12cm in length

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Valiant thoracic aortic stent graft

This stent graft from Medtronic is designed for the descending thoracic aorta. Nonaneurysmal aortic diameter in the range of 18 mm to 42 mm (fusiform and saccular aneurysms/penetrating...

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Express LD iliac and Biliary

This open cell balloon mounted stent from Boston is claimed to have excellent radial force. Their website compares it with 5 other selected stents. It is available in 6-10mm diameters and...

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Nitinella plus

This is a nitinol stent system for endoscopic or percutaneous insertion. It is available uncovered, partially covered or fully covered and is designed for malignant biliary strictures. ...

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Niti-S biliary stent

This is a fixed cell braided stent from Taewoong medical The stent comes in an uncovered and covered version. The covered version has a retrieval string to help with removal. Uncovered...

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Roadsaver carotid stent

This is Terumo's carotid artery stent system. They claim it has the flexibility of an open cell design while outperforming the benefits of a closed cell stent. The stent is constructed from a...

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Xact carotid stent

This is Abbott's carotid stent system. It is a nitinol stent available in straight and tapered versions. They recommend that it is used in conjunction with their Emboshield embolic protection...

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Visi-pro balloon expandable vascular and biliary stent

This is a balloon expandable peripheral and biliary stent from medtronic. It has a 0.035 inch delivery system and is available in diameters from 5-10mm and legths of 15-60mm.    

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Ranger drug coated balloon

This is a paclitaxel coated balloon from Boston Scientific. It is available in 2-8mm diameters and 30-150mm lengths but not in all diameters. It uses a 0.018 inch platform and needs sheaths...

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Peripheral Cutting Balloon PCB

Peripheral vascular cutting balloon from Boston Scientific This balloon has small cutting blades along its outer surface to help cut plaque and perform angioplasty. It uses a 0.018 inch wire...

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Unifuse infusion catheter

This slitted catheter is specifically designed for catheter directed thrombolysis. The patented slits are said to allow a more even distribution of thrombolytic compared with conventional side...

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Coloplast Ureteric Stent

This is a ureteric stent from Coloplast.  Our Chief Editor Dr Phil Haslam said; "For a routine ureteric stenting I personally use 7 or 8 F coloplast DJ". The product is marketed...

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