ALN Vena Cava Filter

Added Mar 4, 2012

Manufactured by Macromed

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Comment by IRtrainee Commented Jan 26, 2019

Impact factor: 142

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Easy to deploy. Usually stays upright (allowing attempted retrieval) as long as the IVC is relatively straight.

Comment by skidoc Commented May 29, 2012

Impact factor: 42

I always rather liked this filter, we used it a lot as a long term removable device. I never had a problem, but some others did & it was removed from the market for a while, but then re-introduced.

Simple to deploy, it worked well for us, & we had no issues during follow up, which is now about 15 years (but relatively few devices placed).

You take it out with a capture cone, like the re-fuelling drogue used for aerial refuelling, (well dont blame me, if you dont think Top Gun was the greatest movie ever), which could be tricky if the nose was against the wall.

They used to come out easily though, once you snared them, so pretty nice really. GRP

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