Comment by vetolof Commented Oct 12, 2016

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Easy to use and with options to upgrade it´s my favourite respirator for anaesthesia although the battery runs down fast if You don´t have emergency power in the operating theatre. No rotameters. Quite popular in Swedish hospitals.

Comment by Jeremy_Hyams Commented Oct 11, 2012

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It’s a substantial improvement on Drager’s last model, the Fabius…

1) All of your interaction with the ventilator is done through one screen and a small number of buttons, making it simple & ergonomic to use.

2) Flow rates can be dialled up much more accurately than on the Fabius, making it easier & safer to administer low or minimal flow anaesthesia. Once you set a flow rate, it doesn’t ‘creep’ up or down as the Fabius’ flowmeters tend to.

3) Provide the machine with an age & weight for your patient and it will set up an appropriate ventilation strategy – you can go from anaesthetising a 120kg adult to a 1kg neonate with very little fuss.

However, there are some downsides…

1) You’re entirely dependent on electricity for this machine to function. Lose mains power for enough time to drain the battery, and you’re stuck.

2) As most of the functions of this ventilator are selected or performed electronically, it is not possible to perform the AAGBI anaesthetic machine checklist fully. With this in mind, the AAGBI published a new checklist in 2012, but those anaesthetists who are used to being able to check (and fix) the function of each & every part of their machine may feel slightly uneasy in having to trust the machine to do it all for them.

3) At just over 60,000 euros per machine and around 1,750 euros per year for servicing (i), this is significantly more than the Fabius – a reconditioned model can be picked up for as little as 23,000 euros.

It is unlikely to make any clinical difference to the vast majority of patients it is used on, but from an aesthetic & ease-of-use point of view, it is a very pleasant machine to work with. Whether this is worth the significant difference in initial & ongoing costs would be up to individual departments to decide.


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