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If you are treating patients with submassive and massive pulmonary embolism, and patients with acute myocardial infarction you will need it in every tenth PE patient, and every 20th STEMI patient as a life saving measure.
You will literally save lives that would have been lost without this technology.
And it works very well in conditions that are not directly, or usually life threathening, like thrombosed veins, AV fistulas...
It is a must for a serious invasive catheterization laboratory.

Comment by Pete Commented Jan 7, 2015

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I have used this product in over 80 cases of fistula thrombectomy and I have found it to work well. I like the fact that it is over the wire, aspirates the clot fragments during thrombectomy and is isovolumetric, which is particularly important in renal failure patients.

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This comment has been added by the Associate Editor for whichmedicaldevice.

The AngioJet was the winner in the Interventional Radiology category of Which Medical Device of the Year 2012.

Our nominator said, "It's a must have device. We can achieve a real effective thrombectomy by completely destroyingthe thrombus. It's ideal for situations where you cannot use rt-pa or urokinase."

We say, ?The AngioJet has been instrumental in removing thrombus in numerous patients with occluded distal arteries, coronary arteries and AV dialysis fistulas and grafts. The system works by utilisation of the Venturi-Bernoulli effect. High pressure saline injection from multiple side holes near the tip of the catheter results in lower pressure leading to dissolution and removal of the thrombus via the catheter.?

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