Memokath 051 Ureter

Added Feb 26, 2013

Manufactured by Pnn Medical

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Comment by phil Commented Jul 25, 2017

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Further experience with this stent leaves me with mixed feelings. Expansion of the top end can only be achieved in the longer stents by removing the blue \'string\' inserting a wire and gently advancing a catheter to the top end. This is the only way you can get hot saline that is hot enough to the tip to cause expansion. This is not in the IFU.

Removal is best achieved using a small 5/6mm angioplasty balloon inflated in the lower end, then use gentle traction. You are supposed to cool it, but this makes no sense as a conducting metal it warms up to body temp very quickly before you get to pull it out. In our experience it makes no difference whether you cool it or not. I have attached some pictures to explain.

Comment by Commented Jun 15, 2017

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Maybe the best long term clinical tested stent in the world - 80% success rate and 20% stricture resolution

Comment by phil Commented Sep 25, 2014

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Weve used these mostly in benign strictures following reconstructions where the ureter has been damaged during gynae surgery. They do work but are prone to migration and do encrust. They need to be cooled a lot to remove when they can then be unravelled and pulled out slowly.

Comment by Ariolan Commented Sep 23, 2014

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Tricky to use. The device itself is very stable, very resistant to encrusting and actually easy to remover - important to know, just add (ice-cold) water and it becomes soft again.
When placing the stent, it is rather unforgiving when it comes to misalignment. Also, since you have to use hot water to activate (harden and deploy) it, caution is required to prevent scalding the patient.
I have succesfully used it for stenting transgender urethra (female to male) and in malignant obstruction.

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