Cope Gastrointestinal Suture Anchor Set

Added Jun 4, 2008

Manufactured by Cook Medical

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Comment by hulaasch Commented Apr 19, 2017

Impact factor: 106

This suture is now outdated for the following reasons:
Non-resorbable: requires removal and acts as a nidus for infection
No external fixation mechanism
Only 2/pack

Comment by domfay Commented May 25, 2011

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Agree that the mic gastropexy sutures have superseded this but I have used one in the last year when access was very tight and for various reasons a very quick procedure was needed. As I've described before, the best way to secure the suture in a way that is both robust but conspicuous is to tie it around the superstructure of a hollister drain retention disc.

Comment by hulaasch Commented May 21, 2011

Impact factor: 106

This suture is now obsolete.
Even the cook reps cannot explain how this is supposed to be fastened to the skin.
Nurses do not know how to remove it and it therefore frequently gets left until septic.

Better option: Balt (Pyramed) Harpon
Best option: Absorbable K/C (Vygon) SafeTpexy

Comment by phil Commented Aug 15, 2018

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Personally I use the Balt Harpon kit. I used this numerous times before we could get hold of the Balt ones. We found it best to stitch it through a sterile dental swab so it didnt pull on the skin. We use a one step button technique and found that putting in these 3 or 4 Cope anchors was very time consuming and fidly. I believe that Cook are soon to release a new gastropexy kit ?

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