Comment by hulaasch Commented Apr 19, 2017

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The next generation of the Cope suture.
Unfortunately still a non-resorbable material, increasing requirements for aftercare and removal and the risk of infection.
The adjustable external fixator is a bonus and a unique feature, allowing release of tension after the procedure to reduce pain.
Still a pricy option.

Comment by phil Commented Dec 9, 2015

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Have now had several of the threads snap during deployment with the non adjustable version. This is because you need to pull on the thread quite hard to slide the \'bar\' down over the thread. The adjustable version does not have this problem as you can press the red button to slide it down which releases the friction. I also find the needle excessively large. In reply to Peter Bream, we dont need absorbable sutures as we cut them at 48 hours although if you leave them in longer I agree this is a useful feature in other T fasteners.

Comment by phil Commented Feb 6, 2015

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Thanks for your comment Peter. There is a non adjustable version with symetrical bumper. This plastic bumper does not soak up blood with associated infection risk (unlike the Balt Harpon). We only leave them in for 48hrs so absorbable suture is never an issue for us

Comment by Peter Bream, Jr. Commented Feb 6, 2015

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I find the bumper to be uncomfortable. I find the adjustable feature to be unnecessary. I prefer the Kimberly-Clark gastropexy set with absorbable suture material. Much better than this.

Comment by phil Commented Feb 2, 2015

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Easy to use, large T bar with soft ends, so less chance of pulling through mucosa and less likelihood of bursting balloon.

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