EnligHTN Multi-Electrode Renal Denervation System

Added Nov 12, 2012

Manufactured by St Jude Medical

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From St Jude Medical

A Breakthrough Technology on Many Points.


The EnligHTN™ multi-electrode renal denervation system enables cutting-edge efficiencies in procedural-based hypertension control by reducing the number of catheter manipulations needed to disrupt the sympathetic nerve network — with speed and placement accuracy. Renal denervation has been demonstrated to effectively reduce systolic blood pressure.



EnligHTN administers a predictable pattern of four ablations with each placement — in 90 second intervals — potentially reducing renal denervation procedure time.


Unique multi-ablation basket design provides four ablations without readjustment.


Consistent, four-point contact with arterial wall designed to increase procedural accuracy.

Minimised Exposure

Minimal catheter repositioning may result in shorter procedure time, reduced contrast and fluoroscopic exposure.

Your Partner in Renal Denervation Treatment

The EnligHTN renal denervation system offers advanced renal artery ablation therapy and is designed to deliver radiofrequency (RF) energy to the renal nerves to achieve targeted denervation. The core system components are the EnligHTN™ RF ablation generator, the EnligHTN™ renal artery ablation catheter and the EnligHTN™ guiding catheter. 

Attached resources:

EnligHTN brochure

Generator Sales Details

Guide Catheter Sales Details

Ablation Catheter Sales Details

6 Month Clinical Data

EnligHTN Video

Clinical Case Video





Request further information from St. Jude Medical about this device.



This device is currently undergoing further study in the EnligHTN I clinical trial 'Safety and Efficacy Study of Renal Artery Ablation in resistant Hypertension Patient'.

St. Jude Medical is in the process of recruiting to EnligHTN II (at November 2012)






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