Radifocus Introducer II M Coat Hydrophilic Radial Access Introducer kit

Added Sep 9, 2009

Manufactured by Terumo

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Comment by lovel Commented Apr 7, 2014

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indispensable for beginners, very simple, straightforward, for experienced radialists
makes the transition from femoral to radial significantly less stressful, and as we all know but few would admit, operator\'s stress is what actually induces patient\'s radial spasm
best buy

Comment by phil Commented Nov 27, 2009

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Rajagopal, There is a 7F version: http://www.terumo-europe.com/_angio_pdf/introducers_en.pdf but I would not be overly keen to have a sheath this size in the average radial artery. I'm not a cardiologist, maybe this is normal practise ?

Comment by Rajagopal Commented Nov 27, 2009

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I tend to disagree with the wire part. Unlike the metal J tipped wire , the terumo wire never passes into false lumen and even if it does, it will not create a hematoma. I have used this in more than 2000 cases and feel that this is the best. using a Cook's needle and a Terumo wire produces the best results I would like to know if Terumo markets 7F radial sheaths?

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