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Mobility Total Ankle Replacement (TAR)

Added Feb 20, 2012

Manufactured by Depuy

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The Mobility ankle replacement from DePuy is a three part ankle replacement system which includes a mobile bearing component. The tibial and talar components are cobalt chrome and have a Porocoat coating (DePuy’s proprietary coating). An ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene component sits between the tibial and talar components. The tibial component is inserted through a window in the anterior cortex of the tibia.

The results of 100 Mobility ankle replacements have been published by one of the developers, and show 93.6% survival at 4 years.1 A shorter one year follow up study from another one of the developers showed similarly promising results.2

Gougoulias et al have published a systematic review of the results after ankle replacement.3

The Mobility ankle was the most popular ankle replacement in the 2012 report of the National Joint Registry of England and Wales.


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Last update November 2012.


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