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AprioMed Bonopty Coaxial Bone Biopsy System 12G | Used in Biopsy, Bone biopsy, Bone RFA | Which Medical Device

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Bonopty Coaxial Bone Biopsy System 12G

  • Added Jan 17, 2010
  • Manufactured by AprioMed

Bonopty® 12G. Incorporating all the benefits of Bonopty® 14G, and adding some all new features. New, larger gauge gains access into the bone, even through thick cortical bone Coaxial system facilitates multiple sampling, or treatment of lesions Achieve excellent core samples with...

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Covidien Cool-tip RF Ablation System (Discontinued) | Used in Bone RFA, Radio Frequency Ablation, Renal RF ablation | Which Medical Device
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Cool-tip RF Ablation System (Discontinued)

  • Added Jul 22, 2008
  • Manufactured by Covidien

The Cool-tip RF Ablation System uses an electrode with a closed circuit of cooled saline to cool the electrode tip and prevent charring. The system is impedance controlled. Note, this version of the Cool-tip is discontinued and has been replaced by the manufacturer with the Cool-tip RF...

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