New Repair Device for Consistent Placement of Sutures

Published date : 06 December 2012
Article date : 06 December 2012


MedGadget reports that medical device manufacturer, Covidien, has released the AS Meniscal Repair Device which is designed to deliver consistent placement of sutures. They say that the device can be used for “all-inside” arthroscopic surgeries when repairing torn minisci using the “all-suture” fixation method.
Covidiens's press release includes a quote which says that the device, "...enables surgeons to leverage the value of using the gold standard all-suture approach in a less invasive arthroscopic fashion.”
Apparently, tests conducted by Covidien have proven that the AS Meniscal Repair Device deploys sutures with strong holding power consistently and reliably without the need for anchors. They say that the new device works with one thumb slide actuation and that it has no complex components. It features laser-etched depth markings on the coated curved and straight versions of needles.
Source: Gene Ostrovsky for MedGadget, 05 December 2012
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