Carotid stent flow reversal - 07 May 2010

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This video shows carotid stenting using the Gore Neuroprotection system (NPS) which works by reversing the flow in the ICA being treated.

This is a 9F system and incorporates a sheath through which the carotid stenting procedure is performed. The 'Gore balloon sheath' has an elastomeric balloon mounted at the end. The 'Gore balloon wire' is a 0.014" guidewire with premounted elastomeric balloon for occluding the ipsilateral ECA.

Rather than using the central dilator with the Gore balloon sheath we preload the catheter with a 6.5F 125cm headhunter catheter (Cook shuttle Celect) and use a coaxial technique to engage the ipsilateral ICA.

The stent used is a 6-9mm Cristallo Ideale stent (Invatec).

Dr Sumaira Macdonald, Consultant Interventional Radiologist
Dr Ralph Jackson, Consultant Interventional Radiologist
Dr Phil Haslam, Consultant Interventional Radiologist

Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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