Varicocele embolisation - 17 April 2013

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Varicocele embolisation using Balt Spiral Coils.

This shows the right jugular approach for embolisation of the left gonadal vein. Often one spirale coil is sufficient.

Dr Phil Haslam, Consultant Interventional Radiologist

Dr Hazel Halbert, specialist registrar in radiology.

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Review By rsathyanarayana
Dec 24, 2015

@ hossam

Personal preference I guess. Either approach is fine. Like Dr Haslam I prefer jugular approach and here are my reasons

--stability. Minimal angulation unlike femoral access where you have two 90 degrees or greater bend with a risk of catheter displacing during top coil deployment and carrying with it into RA.
--Patients can sit up straight away.
--No vasovagal risk. Not uncommon in young men following groin puncture/compression.

Review By hossam
May 17, 2013

my question, why we didn't go through the femoral vein?and we can use cobrahead catheter

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