Embolisation renal artery post PCNL - 24 November 2008

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This short video demonstrates embolisation for renal haemorrhage post pcnl.

The PCNL procedure was uneventful apart from a minor lower pole calyceal tare with no haemorrhage at the time. An antegrade ureteric catheter was left through the tract half way down the ureter post procedure in case subsequent renal access was required. The patient had been bleeding for over a day post procedure and it was not settling down. The urologists wanted a tamponading balloon catheter to be placed in the tract under screening guidance. In my experience this will only temporarily stop haemorrhage unless it is venous ooze. The bleeding seen in the angio suite was persisitant and not felt to be venous. The angiogram speaks for itself.

Dr Phil Haslam, Consultant Interventional Radiologist.

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