Varicocoele embolisation - 04 August 2008

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This video demonstrates our technique for left varicocoele embolisation.

The patient was 24yrs old and had a large painful varicocoele.

We generally use long Spirale coils (Balt) 8x300mm or 10x400mm. Usually one coil is sufficient.

We occasionally use microcoils if access is difficult.

Dr Phil Haslam Consultant Interventional Radiologist
Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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Review By ibmalek
Jan 9, 2012


Review By mohamed
Apr 1, 2010

would u recommend this way over surgical intervention for left scrotal varicocele ?
and how about the effect of radiation on the testis?

Review By phil
Sep 9, 2009

Thanks Andy, the video is by no means perfect and we do inject contrast as we embolise. We try to place a 'bulk' of coil across any collaterals we see. I have no experience with liquids in varicocoeles but as ever am willing to learn from others !

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