Medcomp Split Stream Insertion 2 - 25 February 2014

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This video shows the insertion of the Medcomp Splitsream Dialysis catheter using an over the wire technique and no peelaway sheath.

This new version of the line has a new type of extension for connection.

Dr Phil Haslam, Consultant Intervenional Radiologist

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Review By
Jun 4, 2014

Hidromed is very satisfied to working witch this catheter split stream and the benefit for he renal patient are very special because his material is very bio-compatible iodine and alcohol if not problem and have high flow to clean the toxins my vascular surgeon and nefrologist are very happy witch the invention of medcomp

Ramon pena from Dominican Republic / Hidromed

Review By sarelgaur
May 22, 2014

nice video. interested you tunnel after placing the catheter. at our ints. we usually tunnel the cath first then place through a peel away sheath. i suppose you do this for better catheter length?

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