Atrium V12 hepatic pseudoaneurysm exclusion - 18 June 2019

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This patient had a complicated laparoscopic cholecystectomy resulting in this pseudoaneurysm from the right hepatic artery.

It was felt that the distal right hepatic artery may be occluded in trying to embolise the pseudoaneurym.

Access was relatively straightforward with a good angle so it was decided to place a covered stent across the pseudoaneurysm neck if it would track along the right hepatic artery.

The Atrium V12 was used over a 0.018 system due to its short length and low profile with ability to position accurately as it was balloon mounted. The 6F Terumo destination sheath (NOT 5 as I mistakenly stated in the video!) gave good support into the main hepatic artery.

Dr Phil Haslam

Consultant Interventional and uroradiologist

Freeman Hospital

Newcastle upon Tyne

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