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Zimmer UniSpacer Knee System | Used in Interposition knee arthroplasty | Which Medical Device

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UniSpacer Knee System

  • Added Aug 4, 2010
  • Manufactured by Zimmer

This device from Zimmer is a cobalt chrome spacer which can correct the malalignment of varus knees with osteoarthritis. It requires little in the way of bone cuts or soft tissue injury for insertion. The device is intended for the medial compartment, although a lateral version is available....

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Mavig Urology Head Screen | Which Medical Device

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Urology Head Screen

  • Added Sep 29, 2016
  • Manufactured by Mavig

At CIRSE 2016, Mavig were showing a screen to protect the urologist whilst working with a patient in lithotomy position. This is ceiling mounted and would be good to reduce head dose. Our Editor-in-Chief, Dr Phil Haslam has measured high doses without such screens.

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Uscom USCOM 1A: Hemodynamic Monitor | Used in Patient monitoring | Which Medical Device

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USCOM 1A: Hemodynamic Monitor

  • Added Jan 23, 2012
  • Manufactured by Uscom

The USCOM 1A offers real-time, beat-to-beat measurements of 20 parameters of cardiovascular function including cardiac output, stroke volume and systemic vascular resistance with additional parameters such as cardiac power, stroke work and oxygen delivery. The USCOM 1A is unique in being...

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Taewoong Medical Co., Ltd Uventa Ureteral Stent | Used in Ureteric stenting | Which Medical Device

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Uventa Ureteral Stent

This device is designed for malignant ureteral obstruction procedures. A triple layered membrane prevents the risk of tumour ingrowth and reduces encrustation.  We have had good success using this stent in malignant ureteric strictures where the usual plastic JJ stents have failed. Ureters...

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KCI V.A.C. ATS Therapy System | Which Medical Device

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V.A.C. ATS Therapy System

  • Added Aug 21, 2013
  • Manufactured by KCI

According to the manufacturer, the system is designed for patients in acute and long-term care facilities with wounds appropriate for V.A.C. Therapy. They say that V.A.C. Therapy promotes wound healing through Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT). By delivering negative pressure (a vacuum)...

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