Acculis Microwave Tissue Ablation (MTA) System

Added Nov 14, 2011

Manufactured by Microsulis Medical

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From Microsulis Medical


The Acculis Microwave Tissue Ablation (MTA) system is designed for the coagulation of soft tissue. It operates at 2.45GHz and is the most powerful device on the market when compared to Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) devices and low power 915MHz microwave systems.
The system comes with the choice of a range of needle-like applicators to maximise the types of procedure for which it can be used: open, laparoscopic and percutaneous. Microwave energy emits from the tip of the applicator and is absorbed by the surrounding tissue. The depth of absorption depends on microwave frequency and power. This is controlled through the Sulis VpMTA generator.
At 2.45GHz, the energy will penetrate 2cm into the tissue. This is the active microwave heating zone. Inside the active microwave heating zone the microwaves rotate the water molecules causing them to heat rapidly. Heat from the active microwave heating zone then conducts outwards creating a secondary thermal conduction heating zone. This completes the coagulation. The coagulation zone is largely spherical, with a slight elongation in the direction of the shaft of the applicator.
By selecting power and time the user can control both the size and rate of development of the coagulation zone. The active microwave heating creates visible steam formation within the target zone and this can be monitored in real time by intra-operative ultrasound or CT imaging giving real time control.


Which Medical Device of the Year 2011

Runner-up: Interventional Radiology

"This device provides rapid tumour ablation with predictable zones and anecdotally less pain than radiofrequency ablation." - Dr Phil Haslam, Editor-in-Chief. Read more 


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