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Onyx 18

Added Nov 1, 2009

Manufactured by Medtronic

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Onyx is a non adhesive liquid embolic agent. It is made of EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) copolymer and DMSO ( dimethyl sulphoxid) in which it is dissolved. This is suspended in tantalum powder to make it radio opaque. This is why it must be placed on a mixer prior to use to enable good mixing of the powder into the solution.

It is availabale in 1.5ml and 6ml sizes. 
There are two concentrations - Onyx 18 (6% EVOH) and Onyx 34 (8% EVOH).
Onyx 18 is less viscous and flows more easily into smaller vessels.
It is of course possible to make onyx more dilute by mixing with the solvent DMSO. This is off label use and not condoned by the manufacturer.


Onyx liquid embolic system for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms provides complete filling of the aneurysm sac, complete obliteration of the inflow zone, and enhanced durability in the treatment of giant and wide-necked aneurysms.

We have used onyx in a variety of situations:

1. Extensively in aortic graft endoleaks

2. Embolisation of GI bleeds and trauma

3. Embolisation of benign renal AMLs

A DMSO compatible delivery micro catheter that is indicated for use in the neuro vasculature (e.g. Marathon™, Rebar® or UltraFlow™ HPC catheters) is used to access the embolization site. 


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