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Accolade Femoral Stem

Added Apr 22, 2012

Manufactured and Distributed by Stryker

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The Accolade femoral stem from Stryker is an uncemented, proximally coated, collarless femoral component manufactured from Stryker’s proprietary beta titanium alloy, TMZF. TMZF has a modulus of elasticity closer to that of bone than Ti-6Al-4V alloy. The proximal coating is 50 micron thick PureFix hydroxyapatite and is applied on top of a circumferential plasma sprayed surface.

The device has a tapered wedge design, with 132 and 127 degree options and a V40 taper.  The stem is compatible with cobalt-chrome heads (codes start 6260 on the box) but not stainless steel heads.

In the 2011 National Joint Registry Report of England and Wales1, the Accolade was the third most popular uncemented stem (after Corail and Furlong HAC), with a 5 year revision rate of 2.12% (1.61 to 2.79%) when used in combination with the Trident socket.

White et al2 reported an EBRA analysis of migration of the stem, and demonstrated 1.3mm subsidence at 24 months, radiolucent lines in 10% of patients, but a 97% five year survivorship.

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1. No authors listed. National Joint Registry for England and Wales: 8th Annual Report 2011.

2. White CA, Carsen S, Rasuli K, Feibel RJ, Kim PR, Beaulé PE. High incidence of migration with poor initial fixation of the Accolade stem. Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2012 Feb;470(2):410-7.

Further PubMed links for the Accolade hip can be found here.

Ongoing trials of the Accolade hip at


News results relating to this product:

22/04/2012 - Stryker Mitch/Accolade total hip replacement should no longer be used.






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