Z.one Ultrasound Platform

Added Jan 7, 2008

Manufactured by Zonare

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Comment by mcbridek Commented Mar 2, 2008

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I agree entirely with Dr Haslam. This is an excellent multipurpose versatile machine that goes beyond the performance of other "laptop ultrasound" machines. I summarize; Features The scan engine is lighter than my current GE LogiqBook, and is more robust. I agree, it is a bit stiff attaching it onto the SmartCart. The screen is small but adequate, similar to earlier Sonosite models, when used on its own. But this machine is best when attached, as the screen is so much bigger and better. Technology The fact that focussing is not needed and opimisation really is instant make this an amazingly powerful little beast. The signal output is the newer digital format, but we have used an adaptor provided by Zonare to hitch the image to our monitor bank in the Interventional suite. It exceeds the images produced by the Logiq7 high-end machine that was provided with our new room. Design/Construction This is where the Z.one really excels. It is so light and mobile, with a very small footprint. It is THE best US machine in a crowded interventional room or ultrasound room. The Sonosite Titan has such a small screen and far poorer near-field resolution it is really only designed for access punctures. This machine is brilliant for endovenous laser and other very superficial procedures, but is also great for deep drainage procedures as well. It has a lovely screen to view in ITU as well with easily adjustable viewing. Probes and usage We use curvilinear and 2 linear array probes. There is apparently a new superficial hockey-stick probe but the current probes are not up to the standards of my MSK colleague. The colour fill-in is excellent with no lag time, and the calculations/report files are good too. We have linked our borrowed machine to our PACS quite easily via DICOM. I have also captured really good quality colour video for a workshop at CIRSE, with little effort, just downloaded software. Summary We are delighted with this machine. I have given my Logiq7 to our breast radiologists, and we have leased this machine until our Trust agrees to buy two. If anyone is looking for US machines to do venous access / ITU portables, and have a budget, then buy this now and forget about having to buy high-end machines as well !!

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