ClearWay RX

Added Sep 23, 2010

Manufactured by Atrium

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From Atrium

ClearWay RX is the name for a brand new atraumatic delivery methodology to enhance localised drug bioavailability and uptake while minimising systemic effect. This is accomplished by an thin, microporous PTFE balloon which controllably engages the vessel wall to occlude blood flow during infusion.

The device provides for up to 500 times the systemic concentration of a drug when delivered locally with Atrium’s atraumatic infusion balloon technology. This high drug concentration can be achieved with the infusion balloon’s property of occlusion, containment and selective local infusion. This procedure is referred to as OCI therapeutics (Occlusion, Containment, Infusion).

The rapid exchange perfusion catheter is .014” guidewire compatible, allowing access to several difficult to reach target destinations throughout the body. ClearWay RX is available in 1.0 to 4.0 mm balloon diameters and in balloon lengths ranging from 20 to 50 mm. Longer balloon lengths provide for a wide range of local tissue treatment options with a single therapeutic perfusion inflation.

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