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Merit Surfacer Inside out device
Saw this at BSIR 2017. It looks like a more aggressive way to sharp recanalise an occluded SVC/BC vein to get introduce a central venous catheter. Would really like to hear from users, does it live up to what they say?? .. read more
05 December 2017 | 0 Comments
Removing a stuck PCN
This video shows a technique for removing a stuck PCN catheter. This usually occurs when it has been left in too long and a 'club' of stone forms on the end of the catheter. In the worst case this may require PCNL to remove it. .. read more
28 October 2017 | 0 Comments
Asahi Meister guidewire
I saw this wire demonstrated at CIRSE 2016. This short video compares (crudely) its torquability with a terumo micro wire. Clearly there are other factors involved in selecting which micro wire you would use for a procedure, but this does..... read more
22 September 2016 | 0 Comments
Lumify Ultrasound System Comparison
This video show a short comparison between the Philips Lumify system running on an android tablet, the Sonosite Nanomax and the GE Venue 50. You will see that even in this crude comparison the Lumify gives very respectable and some might argue..... read more
04 September 2016 | 0 Comments
Nephrostomy with a smartphone!
This short video demonstrates the Lumify system being used with an android phone to perform a nephrostomy. This was a grossly dilated infected system and imaging guidance need not be the best, but nevertheless it does illustrated the capability..... read more
04 September 2016 | 0 Comments
Emprint Needle visibility on ultrasound
This video clip shows the extreme visibility of the Emprint ablation needle on ultrasound. I presume this is due to the cooling jacket around the metal causing increased reflection of the US beam. Dr Phil Haslam, Consultant Interventional..... read more
07 June 2016 | 0 Comments
Swift Ninja microcatheter
This video shows the use of the Swift Ninja steerable microcatheter to selectively catheterise the prostatic artery during a PAE procedure.   .. read more
10 April 2016 | 0 Comments
Emprint Microwave Renal Ablation
This video demonstrates the ablation of a small renal tumour using the Covidien Emprint microwave ablation device. Dr Phil Haslam, consultant Interventional Radiologist Freeman Hospital, newcastle upon Tyne, UK .. read more
29 February 2016 | 1 Comments
Starclose deployment
This short video demonstrates deployment of the starclose device. Dr Phil Haslam, Consultant Interventional Radiologist Freeman Hospital Newcastle upon Tyne UK .. read more
30 January 2016 | 1 Comments
Angioseal deployment
This short video shows deployment of the 6F Angioseal VIP device following prostatic artery embolisation for BPH. Dr Phil Haslam, Consultant Interventional Radiologist Dr Pete Littler, Consultant Interventional Radiologist, The..... read more
28 January 2016 | 0 Comments
Onyx embolisation of renal AML
This video shows the percutaneous embolisation of a renal AML using Onyx 18. This benign renal mass had been previously biopsied to prove the diagnosis. I usually embolise these using PVA (contour) 250-355u and coils but having started using..... read more
25 August 2015 | 3 Comments
Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) using SIR-Spheresmicrospheres.
This video series has been created by Sirtex Medical to serve as an educational resource that provides a narrative look at Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) using SIR-Spheres® microspheres. .. read more
08 March 2015 | 0 Comments
Simplify Needle Holder
Video showing Dr. Georg K. Mynarek from Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet using NeoRad\'s Simplify Needle Holder during a lung biopsy. .. read more
05 February 2015 | 1 Comments
Cook Entuit gastropexy insertion
This is the new gastropexy from Cook. Its pretty easy to use. This short video shows how. Dr Phil Haslam, Consultant Interventional Radiologist Dr Francis Colgan, Interventional Fellow. .. read more
29 January 2015 | 0 Comments
Laser deroofing of a calyceal cyst
 This video from Thomas Muller shows a Holmium laser used to deroof a calyceal cyst containing impacted purulent material .. read more
29 January 2015 | 0 Comments
Thrombin Treatment of Post Renal Biopsy Haemorrhage
This video shows the novel treatment of a post renal biopsy haemorrhage with percutaneous thrombin injection. The patient bled immediatley post biopsy and ultrasound showed a rapidly expanding haematoma. Given this observation it is difficult..... read more
02 December 2014 | 4 Comments
Laser Fragmentation of Subethithelial Renal Calculus
This short video shows the laser treatment of a small subepithelial renal stone using a laser to release the stone then fragment it. The patient had flank pain and was a reccurent stone former. Dr Thomas Müller,FEBU Urologist,..... read more
23 October 2014 | 1 Comments
RaySafe i2 dose in IR
This video demonstrates the variation in operator dose in the IR room, with and without lead protection measures in place. Dr Phil Haslam Consultant Interventional Radiologist .. read more
15 September 2014 | 0 Comments
Uventa covered nitinol ureteric stent
This patient has an ileal conduit with recurrent tumour causing stricture and fistulation. The uventa covered stents were placed which have palliated symptoms completely. Dr Phil Haslam Consultant Interventional Radiologist .. read more
12 September 2014 | 1 Comments
Leg dose during PTC
This video illustrates the dose that an IR would get to the legs during a simple PTC procedure. The dose is alarming considering no actual DSA images were acquired. The lesson is to always pull in the lead screen. Dr Phil Haslam, Consultant..... read more
10 September 2014 | 1 Comments
Primary Button Gastrostomy The Interventionists View
This video shows my technique for insertion of a primary button gastrostomy in a patient with a head and neck tumour. The technique is simple but the potential for misplacement is high unless the correct procedure is followed. Careful checks of..... read more
08 June 2014 | 1 Comments
EVAR endoleak with US microbubbles and CT image fusion
This short video shows 2 EVAR patients examined with SonoVue US contrast microbubbles. The real time US image is fused with a recent CT showing the anatomy well.(Philips Epiq). The second part of the video shows a patient with a fenestrated graft..... read more
03 June 2014 | 0 Comments
US guided partial nephrectomy
Intraoperative ultrasound can prove very useful to guide the resection of small renal tumours. This video shows the Zonare ultrasound machine being used for such a case. An alternative treatment may well be percutaneous tumour ablation with..... read more
23 March 2014 | 0 Comments
Percutaneous Puncture of a retained Foley catheter
This short video shows the percutaneous technique for removal of a stuck Foley catheter.  Catheter balloons can sometimes not be deflated due to a faulty valve or less likely crystallisation within the balloon. There are several..... read more
25 February 2014 | 0 Comments
Medcomp Split Stream Insertion 2
This video shows the insertion of the Medcomp Splitsream Dialysis catheter using an over the wire technique and no peelaway sheath. This new version of the line has a new type of extension for connection. Dr Phil Haslam, Consultant..... read more
25 February 2014 | 2 Comments

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