Thrombin Treatment of Post Renal Biopsy Haemorrhage - 02 December 2014

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This video shows the novel treatment of a post renal biopsy haemorrhage with percutaneous thrombin injection.

The patient bled immediatley post biopsy and ultrasound showed a rapidly expanding haematoma. Given this observation it is difficult not to take action although this may have settled conservatively. We know that percutaneous thrombin injection is safe and we have been using this treatment in our centre for pseudoaneurysms since 1996. A percutaneous injection was an easy option that clearly solved the problem without the need for angiography.

Dr Phil Haslam, Consultant Interventional Radiologist

Dr Andy McNeill, Consultant Radiologist

Dr Kiran Bonam, Specialist Registrar Radiology

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User comments:

Review By phil
Dec 21, 2014

Thank you all for your comments, we thought it was a good idea having used thrombin extensively. The needle was placed adjacent to the jet of blood. It may or may not have been subcapsular and probably doesn't matter. There is no danger of causing embolisation or non target organ damage in this situation.

Review By fvalenza
Dec 10, 2014

Not a good idea I think!

Review By shams2003
Dec 9, 2014

I used this percutaneous technique of management of pseudoaneurysm using gelfoam with very successful result, thrombin is not available in egypt

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