Onyx embolisation of renal AML - 25 August 2015

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This video shows the percutaneous embolisation of a renal AML using Onyx 18.

This benign renal mass had been previously biopsied to prove the diagnosis. I usually embolise these using PVA (contour) 250-355u and coils but having started using onyx felt a renal AML could be very efficiently embolised using this or its competitor product PHIL.

I initally injected the Onyx relativley quickly to alow it to flow into the most distal part of the vessel in which I had lodged the microcatheter. The onyx then flowed back along the microcatheter. At this point I waited to allow it to solidify around the catheter before injecting again more slowly. It then flowed out into the surrounding branch vessels giving an excellent embolisation. You will see that I injected a little too much near the end which started to flow into a vessel supplying normal renal tissue. I stopped at this point!

Dr Phil Haslam, Consultant Interventional Radiologist

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User comments:

Review By Ishtiaq
Mar 18, 2016

Excellent demonstration of procedures, well done.

Review By ramprakashgalwa
Oct 14, 2015

Very good demonstration of the use of the Onyx. Thanks

Review By smabays
Oct 13, 2015

Nice video Phil, informative as always! Have you used PHIL (I wasn't aware of it till reading this) before? Onyx is so expensive....but good! S.

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