Gore Tigris Vascular Stent

Added Apr 29, 2014

Manufactured by Gore

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Comment by IRtrainee Commented Feb 2, 2019

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Tried to deploy this stent this week for adductor hiatus SFA occlusion. Delivery system gripped on wire and when attempting to advance it over the wire outside the patient the plastic covering the stent rucked up, partially uncovering the stent. This rendered the stent unusable.

Therefore be careful when handling the stent outside the patient. Do not grip the plastic covering the stent when advancing the delivery system over the wire!

Comment by bganai Commented Sep 2, 2014

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I\'ve started using the Tigris stent for popliteal occlusions in critically ischaemic limbs. In the small number of cases with up to 6 month follow up the patients have done very well. Easy to deploy although is hard to visualise when off the delivery system.
The case below shows the stent in a hostile calcified occlusion with a flexed knee views.

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