Customised ALM Pelvic Replacement

Added Apr 28, 2011

Manufactured by Stanmore Implants

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The reconstruction of complex defects in the skeleton is often challenging, particularly in the pelvis, where the size and shape of the defect is highly variable. One promising solution is the combination of computerised navigation and Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) which allows oncologic pelvic resection to be planned preoperatively, performed with more accuracy than in the past and to be reconstructed with a customised implant.

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Which Medical Device of the Year 2011

Winner: Orthopaedics

"Additive layer manufacturing is likely to make a significant impact on the orthopaedic device industry in the next few years, and the convergence of digital technologies in imaging, surgical navigation and implant manufacture offers the promise of new, innovative solutions for patients." - Mr Craig Gerrand, Editor in Chief. Read more


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