Robotic Snake Could Search for and Destroy Tumours

Posted on : 27 September 2012
A prototype medical robot has been designed to help surgeons reach deep inside the body without the need for open surgery. Read more

Aortic Valve Wins CE Mark

Posted on : 27 September 2012
A new, self-expanding TAVI system promotes the sealing between the prosthetic valve and the native valve.  Read more

CE Mark Reduces Recipient Age for Bioprosthetic Heart Valve

Posted on : 25 September 2012
The new indication lowers the age from 75 to 65 for patients with aortic valve stenosis or steno-insufficiency. Read more

FDA Approval for Aortic Securement System

Posted on : 24 September 2012
A new thoracic-length device designed for treating abdominal aortic aneurysms. Read more

FDA Gives Green Light on Post Approval Clinical Study of Surgical Ablation System

Posted on : 24 September 2012
Atricure will undertake a 3 year, 350 patient study on a device used to treat non-paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.  Read more

FDA Approves Anterior Cervical Plate System

Posted on : 23 September 2012
The device is designed for fixation of the C2?C7 vertebrae to manage trauma, degenerative disc disease, deformity, pseudarthrosis, failed previous fusion, spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis. Read more

FDA Clearance for Catheter System

Posted on : 21 September 2012
The new device is designed to minimise the risk of needle-stick injuries and occupational exposure to blood. Read more

Promising Results for Aneurysm Device

Posted on : 20 September 2012
A self-expanding stent has been used during procedures for patients with wide neck saccular aneurysms.  Read more

UK Calls for a Close Watch on Riata Patients

Posted on : 20 September 2012
The Riata leads were removed from the US market place, late last year.  Read more

Low Cost Device Design Makes Ultrasound Imaging Affordable Worldwide

Posted on : 19 September 2012
New hand-held device is around the the size of a computer mouse and works in a similar way to existing ultrasound scanners.  Read more

New Self-Expanding Stent & Matching Balloon Catheter Launched

Posted on : 19 September 2012
The stent features a triaxial delivery system for precise implantation accuracy.  Read more

New WEEE Directive for Medical Device Recycling

Posted on : 18 September 2012
Tightened objectives have been set to recover materials and reduce landfill. Read more

FDA Clearance for Blood-Drawable, Power Injectable Catheter

Posted on : 17 September 2012
An improved peripheral device can deliver therapy throughout a patient's hospital stay.  Read more

New Cancer Detection Device May Reduce Additional Breast Surgery Operations

Posted on : 17 September 2012
A new device may soon be available to help surgeons determine the minimal amount of tissue to be removed during a lumpectomy.  Read more

Renal Dernavation May be Cost-Effective for Treating High Blood Pressure

Posted on : 17 September 2012
The catheter-based technique is hailed as cheaper and more effective than the current standard of care.  Read more

Expanded FDA clearance for surgical sealer

Posted on : 14 September 2012
Covidien device delivers increased flexiblity for surgeons.  Read more

Hinge knee implant improves on patients' range of motion

Posted on : 15 September 2012
A new rotating technology device has been modelled on natural knee anatomy. Read more

CE Mark for abdominal aortic aneurysm sealing device

Posted on : 12 September 2012
The device will be optimised before it is introduced to the marketplace.  Read more

FDA approves updated heart pump

Posted on : 11 September 2012
The FDA has given clearance on a percutaneous catheter-based device providing peak flows of approximately four litres of blood per minute.  Read more

Public to have access to research on medical implants

Posted on : 11 September 2012
Clinical research and device safety records since coming onto the market are to be made available to the general public.  Read more

Infusion device for embolisation procedures gains CE Mark approval

Posted on : 05 September 2012
Surefire system to see immediate launch into the European market.  Read more

Orthopedic Implant uses Stem Cells to Increase Strength and Longevity

Posted on : 06 September 2012
University of Glasgow researchers have developed an implant that may last a patient's lifetime.  Read more

CE Mark for novolimus eluting coronary stent system

Posted on : 07 September 2012
New device for treatment of coronary artery disease.  Read more

Neuro clot removal device bests older model for large vessel occlusions

Posted on : 03 September 2012
Trial results favour Trevo Retriever ahead of the Merci retriever. Read more

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