SPACE and EVA-3S: CAS fails to meet criteria for non-inferiority in comparison with CEA

Posted on : 27 April 2010
Results from the Stent-Supported Percutaneous Angioplasty of the Carotid Artery vs Endarterectomy (SPACE) trial and the Endarterectomy vs Angioplasty in Patients with Symptomatic Severe Carotid Stenosis (EVA-3S), showed that carotid stenting failed to meet criteria for non-inferiority versus endarterectomy, and showed slightly higher rates of ipsilateral ischaemic stroke and death at 30 days. Read more

DEFINITIVE AR pilot study: Combining DEB with the TurboHawk device

Posted on : 27 April 2010
ev3 recently announced the launch of the TurboHawk system for use in all plaque morphologies, including calcified lesions. Based on their SilverHawk peripheral plaque excision system, the TurboHawk incorporates changes in the geometry and material of the cutter structure to treat calcified lesions that may be resistant to conventional treatment. Read more

ICCS: Interim results show surgery is preferable to stenting

Posted on : 27 April 2010
An interim safety analysis of the ongoing International Carotid Stenting Study (ICSS) offers strong evidence that carotid endarterectomy (CEA) is preferable to carotid stenting (CAS). Read more

EVAR 1 and 2: 10-year follow-up results published

Posted on : 27 April 2010
Principal investigator Professor Roger Greenhalgh, and trial manager Louise C. Brown, recently presented the 10-year follow-up results from the UK's EVAR 1 and EVAR 2 trials of endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) versus open repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) at the 2010 Charing Cross International Symposium, London. Read more

ARMOUR study: MO.MA device is safe and effective for patients at high surgical risk for CEA who undergo CAS

Posted on : 27 April 2010
New research presented at the recent Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) Meeting in Tampa, Fl, revealed that use of a new cerebral protection device in combination with carotid stents in high surgical risk patients provides a minimally invasive, safe and effective way to prevent stroke from occurring. Read more

UFE and myomectomy show similar fertility rates

Posted on : 27 April 2010
Uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) has a comparable fertility rate to myomectomy, the surgical removal of uterine fibroids, for women who want to conceive, according to the first study on the subject released at the recent SIR meeting. Read more

EVAR, DREAM, ACE and OVER trial updates

Posted on : 27 April 2010
At the recent LINC meeting, Leipzig, Germany, Louise Brown presented an overview of the results from several endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) versus open repair trials in fit patients anatomically suitable EVAR. She presented the results from the EVAR 1 (UK), DREAM (Netherlands), ACE (France) and OVER (US) trials. Read more

New TEVAR devices

Posted on : 27 April 2010
Several devices are currently available to treat thoracic pathologies, differing with respect to design, metallic composition and structure of the stent, and presence or absence of an active method of fixing the device to the aortic wall. Read more

Initial experience with innovative new stent delivery system

Posted on : 27 April 2010
Recently, the Department of Angiology at the Park Hospital, Leipzig, participated in the initial release of the SUPERA VERITAS Peripheral Vascular Stent delivery system. Compared to previous generations of SUPERA stent delivery systems, they experienced significant improvements and found that SUPERA VERITAS provides the operator with a smooth and controlled deployment of the SUPERA stent. The system also incorporates ease of use by significantly reducing the number of steps needed to prep and deliver the stent. Read more

CREST: CEA and CAS similar in overall long-term safety and efficacy

Posted on : 27 April 2010
New findings presented at the American Stroke Association?s International Stroke Conference 2010, showed that carotid endarterectomy (CEA) and carotid stenting (CAS) proved similar in overall long-term safety and efficacy, but showed differences in stroke and myocardial infarction (MI) rates soon after the procedure. Read more

ACT I Study

Posted on : 27 April 2010
ACT I is comparing CAS with CEA for the treatment of asymptomatic extracranial carotid atherosclerotic disease. The study is being conducted to demonstrate the non-inferiority of CAS using the Emboshield Embolic Protection System and Emboshield Pro Embolic Protection System (Abbott Vascular) with the Xact-Carotid Stent System to CEA. Read more

New research shows vertebroplasty for patients with osteoporosis provides effective pain relief

Posted on : 27 April 2010
At the recent Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) meeting, new research showed that patient selection is key for vertebroplasty to be effective and successful. Read more

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