CE Mark Given for Suite of Ventricular Partitioning Implants

Posted on : 30 October 2012
The devices are designed to provide percutaneous ventricular restoration therapy. Read more

FDA Approves Spine Access Plate System

Posted on : 29 October 2012
The device is designed to help surgeons with difficult anatomical angles during surgical procedures. Read more

New Treatment Option for Patients at Risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Posted on : 29 October 2012
The FDA has approved a subcutaneous implantable defibrillator which monitors heart activity and delivers a shock, if required.  Read more

Expanded CE Mark Enables Label Update for Coronary Stents

Posted on : 26 October 2012
The new labels will include clinical guidelines for DAPT therapy.  Read more

Orthopaedic Pain Relieving System Gains CE Mark

Posted on : 24 October 2012
The device is designed to relieve pain associated with tendinosis and fasciosis. Read more

Largest TAVI Device Study Shows Positive Patient Outcomes

Posted on : 23 October 2012
High survival rates and improved quality of life are reported in a medical device manufacturer's study findings.  Read more

FDA Approves Expanded Use for Heart Valve

Posted on : 23 October 2012
The device can now be used in the US as an alternative for patients who are unsuitable for open-heart surgery. Read more

'Bespoke' Implants to Replicate Natural Joint Shape

Posted on : 18 October 2012
ConforMIS has launched its next generation Total Knee Replacement Implant System. Read more

Heart Pump to Benefit Previously 'Inoperable' Patients

Posted on : 16 October 2012
Miniminally invasive technique gives new hope to high risk patients with blocked arteries.  Read more

Spider Silk May Benefit Medical Devices

Posted on : 15 October 2012
The discovery that it is an excellent light conduit has opened new opportunities for the material.  Read more

FDA Approves Angiographic Catheter Line

Posted on : 15 October 2012
The new device is designed to help interventional radiologists during infusion procedures. Read more

New Venous Self-Expanding Stent Available for Canada

Posted on : 09 October 2012
The device is designed to restore blood flow in obstructed iliofemoral veins.  Read more

Study Indicates a 100% Success Rate for Renal Denervation System

Posted on : 08 October 2012
9 patients were treated with a 100% success rate in accessing the vessels and delivering therapy.  Read more

8 New Orthopaedic and Spine Device Launches

Posted on : 05 October 2012
A new range of devices are available in the marketplace.  Read more

FDA Approves Wire-Free Pacemaker

Posted on : 04 October 2012
The device is described as the world's only commercially available lead-free implantable cardioverter defibrillator.  Read more

Promising Results from Prostate Device Study

Posted on : 03 October 2012
A study shows that a new device has the ability to discriminate between cancer and healthy tissue with a very high degree of accuracy.  Read more

New Data and Lancet Analysis Trigger a Further Warning on Hip Resurfacing

Posted on : 02 October 2012
Doctors warn that in most cases, hip resurfacing should not be offered as an alternative to hip replacement. Read more

Diabetic-Friendly Drug-Eluting Stent System to Debut in India

Posted on : 02 October 2012
The device is the first of its kind to be approved for use in patients with both diabetes and coronary heart disease.  Read more

'Heart-Zapping' Heart Defibrillator for the US

Posted on : 01 October 2012
The FDA has approved a device that does not directly touch the heart. Read more

FDA Approves Ground Breaking Endovascular Aortic Repair Devices

Posted on : 01 October 2012
Patients experiencing aortic disease or injury may have more life-saving options available with the arrival of 2 new devices.  Read more

US Go-Ahead for Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty Balloon Dilation Catheters

Posted on : 01 October 2012
The devices help open clogged arteries that, left untreated, could lead to heart attack. Read more

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