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Exeter Hip

Added Jan 18, 2011

Manufactured by Stryker

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The Exeter hip is a cemented, polished tapered stem hip replacement with a long pedigree. The device was developed in 1969 and intended as a cemented implant for insertion by the posterior approach. In 2010 the device celebrated its millionth implantation, 40 years of clinical use and, possibly of greatest importance, was nominated Which Medical Device, Device of the Year!

The initial manufacture was of a ductile stainless steel, but in 1976 this was changed to a matt-finish stronger 316L stainless steel. The results from this series were poorer than earlier results, and this lead to the realisation that the polished surface had allowed controlled subsidence of the implant within the cement mantle. From 1983, the stem has been manufactured in Orthinox, a proprietary stainless steel. The device was issued with a V40 taper in 2005, to facilitate the introduction of ceramic heads.

The stem is commonly paired with the Contemporary polyethylene socket. Alternatives include the low-profile polyethylene socket and the Trident uncemented socket. Highly crosslinked X3 sockets are becoming available.

In the seventh UK National Joint registry report of 2010, the Exeter V40 hip was the market leader, with 60% of the market. The 5 year revision rate of the stem in this report was 1.9% (1.7% to 2.0%).  It has an ODEP 10A rating.

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